Purchasing at the Heart of the Company

Purchasing at the Heart of the Company

The geographical distribution of Fraikin branches offers an important advantage for meeting our customers’ expectations.

However, this advantage could also lead to an un-coordinated approach to supply chain activities and differing quality standards. To ensure that this does not happen all supply-chain activity is managed by country specific purchasing departments.

The role of these departments is to effectively manage and control costs by selecting the best suppliers that can meet our quality and cost requirements. In addition, our European supply chain synergies are based on regular communication of good practices, establishing common standard for European accreditations.

The interests of our carefully managed partnerships are shared :

  • our accredited suppliers
    benefit from the unique opportunity of national and even international coverage,

  • our operational teams
    are supported by suppliers and effective purchasing contracts, having successfully completed every stage of the accreditation process.



We operate using fixed-term annual or multi-annual contracts. These purchasing contracts ensure:

  • for our accredited suppliers:
    that projected volumes are met,

  • for our teams:
    that quality, level of service and agreed prices are maintained over time.

As an accredited supplier of the Fraikin Group, you have access to the European leader of industrial and commercial vehicle hire, with more than 200 service centres located across Europe. If you share our values, let us know more about you. When your current accreditation contract covering your products, materials or services comes to an end, we pledge to study your proposal during our consultation meetings.

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