People are at the heart of what we do: our employees, our customers, our suppliers. Growing together, these are the people who power our Group.

We owe our success and our leadership to people—to our employees who work each day with deep commitment and who hone their skills on a daily basis, through an ongoing training policy and continuous knowledge sharing.

We stay true to our values as we strive to prepare our company for the future, thanks to the contributions of everyone.


Each year we hire more than 300 new employees in Europe to staff our administrative/support, sales and technical divisions. We manifest our desire to continue aiming for excellence and quality by recruiting talented applicants from all backgrounds.

During the hiring process, and depending on the needs of the position to fill, we particularly value:

  • Potential to grow in the position and move up in the Group

  • Experience at a services company acquired through a previous position, work-study programme or student job for junior applicants

  • Know-how in the form of skills and familiarity with the tools needed to perform the assigned duties

  • Interpersonal skills grounded in a sense of service and respect for others

  • Commitment, i.e. professional investment in executing the assigned tasks combined with personal investment in building additional skills

Since 2006, we have been developing our Trades School and Sales School, which lay the groundwork for the Group’s future success—to which we are particularly devoted.

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We owe our leadership in Europe not just to our customers, but to our employees—the women and men who demonstrate their commitment, sense of service, respect for others, professionalism and experience every day.

These five strengths enable them to:

  • - Grow

  • - Move up in the ranks

  • - Cross bridges

  • - Growing at Fraikin means learning new skills through an ambitious training policy and gaining experience in a Group that operates on a European scale.

  • - Moving up in the ranks at Fraikin means, for example, advancing from Sales Representative to Sales Engineer to Branch Manager. Or perhaps starting as an Apprentice Mechanic on a work-study programme in the Trades School and becoming a Mechanic, then Team Leader or Shop Foreman.

  • - Crossing bridges at Fraikin could mean becoming a Regional Human Resources Manager after five or more years as a Trainer.


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Our exacting standards include performance measurement. Each year we conduct annual performance reviews to assess our employees’ commitment, performance and motivation so we can support them in their career development goals.

We systematically disseminate new career opportunities to staff and give them priority because we believe strongly in promoting from within and internal mobility.

In 2011, the Fraikin Group added a European mobility policy to enable our employees to aim even higher and expand their horizons.


With more than 25,000 annual training hours, education is a major tenet of our human resources policy.

The training provided each year to over 1,500 employees (internally and externally) gives our team members access to all the new tools and skills they need.


To meet our needs in technical and business skills, we decided to stake our bets on investing in young talents by accompanying them at the start of their professional careers.

- Trades School: become an indispensable maintenance and repair professional to work on industrial, utility and commercial vehicles.

- Sales School: become a business development and customer relations professional in the B2B world.

The Fraikin schools recruit students and assist them throughout their training via a work-study programme. During this period, they learn about our corporate culture and become fully fledged team members.

Upon completion of training and with diplomas in hand, if they have proven their motivation, commitment and professionalism, they will be invited to join the Group on an open-ended employment contract.

To ensure these projects work, we focus on several key success factors: recruiting, training content, Fraikin "trade" speakers, choice of schools, and leading and coaching our young people on a daily basis.